Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15th, 2012

Progress on my rooms has been made.

tn_2012-02-28 Wren and the New Bathroom (2)

I have a bathroom now. It is pink, and I am glad to have my very own bathtub. When I lived by myself, I had to take a bath in the stream, and it was always cold! Mama showed me how to run the hot water on!

tn_2012-02-15 Wren (1)

I also have more furniture now. The bed is very nice and comfy. I like the books. Mama and Marlowe both say that there are lots of books around here and I can read all of them. Marlowe says that he will help me pick the books up and turn the pages! There are only a few of them that I could pick up by myself!

tn_2012-02-06 Wren (9)

Mama also bought me this. It is a string bass that is my size. Mama plays the string bass, and she says that she is going to show me how. With Marlowe and the other big people around here, she could never find one the right size! She says I am the right size for this one!

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  1. WOW!! Your house looks great!! Congratulations! And I think your mama is right, that string bass looks exactly the right size for you. Can't wait to hear how music lessons and book reading go!